The term Internet of Things refers to the entire network of physical devices, tools, appliances, equipment, machinery, and other smart objects that have the capability to collect data about the physical world and transmit that data through the internet. (What is IoT?, 2021).

Types of network connections can include Wi-Fi…

In computer programming, when a function call itself as a subroutine is known as a recursive function. There are several programming languages that use this process. In the following graphic you can see the basic structure of a recursion function.


There is a common expression about Python, and it is: “Almost everything in Python is considered as an object.” This expression is almost self-explanatory, but to have a better idea about its meaning, we must define what an object is. An object is a collection of data (variables) and methods…

Description of a library

A library is a collection of objects that are made available for use by other programs. There Static Libraries and Dynamic Libraries. In this document you will find information about Static Libraries. The extension for static libraries is .a.

A library is a file containing several object files, that can…

Compilation is a process of converting source code into object code. An important part of this process is the compiler. The compiler checks the source code for errors. If this code is error-free, the compiler generates the object code. In C language, gcc is the compiler.

The compilation process has…

Juan Camilo Gonzalez

Mechanical Engineer learning software development.

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